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After years of people asking... I finally shared my secrets

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If you've been following me for a while, then you know that I'm into watercolor bullet journaling.

Like... really into it.

It all started years ago when I first started adding little bits of art and lettering to my planner.

Then I began creating small splashes of watercolors. It wasn't too long before I began making these wildly intricate painted pages.

And boy oh boy, that got people's attention.

I'm constantly receiving messages from people who want to know how I do it and how they can too.

Sure, I've posted articles here and there. I've even done a few free webinars on the subject in the past.

I've never really sat down and created a full-bodied guide to how to paint in your journal... until now.

When we were in the early stages of planning Foxsy, I knew I needed to address this subject once and for all. I knew that I wanted to finally spill the beans and share everything I knew about watercolor journaling.

So I did it.

Paint the Page is one of the first courses I filmed for Foxsy, and it's no surprise that it ended up being my most in-depth course to date.

I mean, it's over 2.5 hours long with 10 lessons and 3 paint-along projects.

What can I say? I love this subject! πŸ₯° It's hard not to share every little detail.

Video thumbnail for Paint the Page course on Foxsy

Paint the Page is jam-packed with tons of helpful lessons to help you conquer watercolor journaling, like:

  • What I look for in a good journal
  • My top journal recommendations for watercoloring
  • How to test your journal and pens to make sure they're a-okay
  • How to battle perfectionism and make good mistakes
  • My full page painting process from start to finish
  • 8 extremely easy watercolor techniques to use in your journal

I even have a whole section about the bullet journal where I give the system a quick rundown before explaining how I incorporate watercolors into my planning system.

And on top of that, I have three projects detailing three different journal pages that you can create right alongside me.

One of those projects is a lengthy dive into creating a monthly bullet journal spread, including the decision making process for the design, measuring and penciling everything in, and of course the whole watercolor process.

Journal open to purple and blue watercolor monthly spread open on desk with stationery supplies.

At last, I have all my years of wisdom available in one single location. It feels so good to share all these lessons about one of my favorite things!

If you want to get a taste of everything this course has to offer, then check out the free sample I made available exclusively to you!

You can watch one lesson and one project from Paint the Page completely commitment and payment free so you can make sure you like it before diving into a Foxsy membership.

(FYI, this sample link is only available from my emails, so either save this link or save the email!)

Paint the Page is the PERFECT course for you if you want to dive into 2022 with a fresh creative planner.

You won't find a more comprehensive source of this kind of knowledge anywhere else online.

I've spent years making every mistake in the book, trying every technique I could get my hands on, and trying so many journals in the process -- and I shared all my secrets in Paint the Page.

If you're ready to learn how to confidently add beautiful watercolors to your journal, then go check out Paint the Page right now.

Besides, you can lock in an unbelievable membership rate if you enroll before Dec 21st.

Just sayin'.

Happy planning, Reader!



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