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Are you a hobby hopper?

Published over 2 years ago • 4 min read

As far back as I can remember, I've had a voracious appetite to try new hobbies.

Every few months, I become obsessed with some new craft or skill and I want to know how I can do it myself. I'll itch to get hands-on with the craft and explore, experiment, and see what I can create.

The problem is that I often only participate in that hobby for a month or two before my interest moves on.

Then I'm left with the supplies sitting in my closet and a bunch of guilt that I wasted money on something that didn't last.

Does this feel familiar to you?

This cycle of excitement, trying new things, then feeling guilty for my failure to make that new hobby stick has been an ever-present part of my life since I was a teenager.

For as many crafts that I do end up buying supplies and indulging myself, there are MANY more that I never chase down because I fear that I'll abandon it and never touch it again.

I've always thought of myself as flaky because of this trait, and it has led me to be pretty tentative about buying and trying new hobbies or crafts.

It doesn't matter that my literal job is to be a creative artist.

It doesn't matter that I enjoy trying new things.

At the end of the day, I've always regarded this particular trait as a flaw that I'm ashamed of.

In fact, it's gotten to the point where I'll ask Jon for permission to buy craft supplies because I feel so overwhelmingly guilty that I need approval from someone else before I'll make a move.

And even still, I'll feel the need to apologize for my spending -- even if what I buy is only $20-30. Even if Jon never bats an eye at my hobby hopping.

But the guilt lingers. It always does.

Just when I feel like I've uncovered all my deeply ingrained creative guilt, I uncover another stone and find some more.

If you've seen my 2022 new year setup in my bullet journal, then you might already know that my biggest goal for 2022 is to create.

And while thinking about the year ahead and how I want to approach my goal, I immediately started thinking about my latest obsession -- making my own resin dice sets.

I've been curious and excited about the idea of pouring my own dice sets for at least a year, but I pushed the notion aside again and again, telling myself I'll flake out and that it's too expensive.

Even when thinking about my big year of creativity, I thought that I ought to wait until at least the spring before I try making dice.

But then it hit me.

I can't expect to have a year of creativity if I shut myself down before I've even begun.

I can't grow and explore and learn if I punish myself for my creativity.

And another realization hit me like a sudden bolt of lightning.

Why should I expect to stick with a new hobby before I've even tried it?

That's like asking for a marriage commitment before I've even gone on one date!

Taking a step back to look at it, the whole notion is absolutely ridiculous.

Even if the worst case scenario comes to pass and I find out after buying the supplies that I don't like this new craft, that's okay.

You know why?

Every time we try something new, we learn new skills, preferences, and styles. And all that new information helps guide the next step, the next decision.

So what if resin dice making doesn't become a passionate hobby that I master? So what if I move on after a while?

Maybe this new hobby will lead me straight into the arms of my next great passion that I devote years to. Would I have reached it without taking these tentative steps into the unknown?

As corny as it sounds, this is a journey -- and it isn't always a straightforward one.

If you're a hobby hopper like me and you feel guilty about it, please take this as a sign.

It's okay to chase your passions. It's okay to be curious and want to try everything you can get your hands on.

You aren't flawed for being a textured person with lots of interests. You certainly aren't flawed for getting excited.

When did we ever accept this belief that being excited and enthusiastic is bad?

Of course there are ways to be smart about your hobby hopping.

See if you can buy your supplies secondhand, or buy off-brand materials when you start with the intention of upgrading later. Find friends who you can share hobbies with you so can split the cost and share in the fun, or enroll in classes that provide materials.

You can also do what I've done and set a craft budget for yourself that's earmarked especially for your hobby hopping!

Alternatively, you can check out Foxsy and see how it can help you try a bunch of new things without a lot of fuss.

Right now we have lots of full length classes on watercoloring and lettering, but we've only just begun. As we continue to grow Foxsy, we want to bring in more creators to give you lots of options to help sate your curiosity and learn new hobbies.

My big goal with all of this is to help people like you untether themselves from guilt and indulge in creativity like never before, because NO ONE should have to feel bad about being a creative soul.

And who knows?

Maybe you'll end up sticking with the hobby after all. Maybe you'll come back to it again and again over the years.

Maybe you'll fall deeply in love with it and it will become a huge part of who you are.

That's what happened to me with watercoloring and lettering -- and look where I am now.

I can't imagine what my life would be like if I never gave myself that chance.

Whatever you do, Reader, don't deny yourself the joy of leaping enthusiastically into a new craft.

You never know where it might take you.


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