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Let curiosity drive you, not fear

Published over 1 year ago • 1 min read

Everyone knows that fear and creativity go hand in hand.

We've all felt it at one point or another when we try something new -- that insidious doubt, that gut-wrenching anxiety.

Fear plays an important role in creativity.

When we engage in creativity, we're putting ourselves out there. We're making something new, unknown.

And fear hates the unknown.

The prehistoric part of our brain hisses and recoils from question marks and change. That's why we're all born with an instinctual fear of the dark -- our primitive brains are trying to protect us from whatever is out there.

All creatures have this fear to some extent. It's not special to us.

But we lucky humans evolved and gained higher functions. We developed the ability to do more, be more, than the common animal.

And one of the things that truly sets us apart from other animals is creativity.

Our ability to creatively problem solve, write music, and make art is EXACTLY what makes us special.

So why on earth do we let the most primitive part of our brain dictate what we do?

Why don't we let curiosity drive the car instead of fear?

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you followed your curiosity.

Where would it take you?

What might you try?

With Foxsy, we want you to chase your curiosity and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

We designed this platform to be a constantly growing playground of opportunity. In fact, we're actively recruiting new creators and bringing in new talent to expand our extensive course library.

There is so much to learn, explore, and create with your own two hands.

With great beginner classes on watercolor, creative journaling, lettering, drawing, and creative play, you'll easily be able to dive in wherever your interests take you.

And for only a few more days, you can lock in an annual fee of only $164 $84.

That means you'll pay this incredibly reduced rate for life.

But this offer is only available until Jan 10th, which means you have to move quick to seize this opportunity.

This new year is an opportunity to stop letting fear drive your life.

What will you discover when you finally chase your curiosity?


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By Shelby Abrahamsen

I'm here to teach you how to unleash your creative side. Not only will you learn the essential techniques you need, but you'll also get the tools to start making creativity a priority in your life. With my help, you can build the life and career you want on your own terms. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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